For Referring Attorneys

Many lawyers focus their practice on specific areas of the law. Sometimes, it is necessary and advantageous to refer a case or client to another lawyer who has a different specialty.

When you refer your client to the right lawyer, you ensure they will be well-represented and increase the likelihood of a successful result. You also enhance your credibility and solidify your reputation with that client.

As a veteran trial attorney, Ted Swanson understands the unique challenges of navigating the court system. Because of his knowledge, expertise and the specialized nature of his practice, attorneys, law firms and other professionals frequently refer clients to Resolute Trials.

When you refer a case or client to Resolute Trials, you can be assured that: (1) We will care for your client the same way we would if they had contacted us directly; (2) We will seek to maximize the chances of a favorable outcome; and (3) If you request a referral fee, we will protect that fee and pay it upon the successful completion of the case. If your client calls us for other legal matters, we will encourage them to contact you first.