Criminal Defense

Being charged with a crime can be a harrowing experience. To protect your rights and your future, you need an experienced criminal defense counsel who understands the criminal justice system from the inside and knows how to get results.

Ted Swanson spent 16 years as a Los Angeles County District Attorney and was the Deputy in Charge of the county’s Human Sex Trafficking Division. A seasoned and experienced trial lawyer, he has tried over 120 cases in his career. Equally important, Mr. Swanson understands the strategies and motivations of law enforcement and prosecutors. Similar to negotiating a new car when you know how much the dealership paid for it, Mr. Swanson can obtain superior results because of his intimate knowledge of the inner workings of the prosecutor’s office and the police agencies investigating your case.

But if trial is the only way to obtain justice, Mr. Swanson has the experience and expertise to get the job done. Having tried cases from fraud, to driving under the influence, to murder and everything in between, Mr. Swanson knows what works with a jury and what does not. He knows which jurors to pick in the voir dire process, how to cross-examine the state’s witnesses effectively, and how to make a closing argument that will resonate with the jury.

Whether it’s settlement or trial, the decision of who will represent you may be the most important of your life. You owe it to yourself to pick the best.

There Is No Substitute for Experience

Seismic shifts are underway in District Attorney Offices and Police Departments throughout California. Law enforcement is recognizing that not everyone who is arrested needs to spend time in jail, be placed on probation, or even have a permanent record. Due to changes in the law and how it is being enforced, many people who only a few years ago might have sat in jail awaiting their court dates are now free pending their court cases. This allows the District Attorney to take its time filing charges, which represents an extraordinary opportunity to divert your case out of the legal system and identify a unique resolution without pressure to accept an unwanted plea deal.

By involving Mr. Swanson early in the process, he can use his contacts and insights into the criminal justice system to obtain the best resolution possible. Beginning your representation with a careful and thorough analysis of your situation, Mr. Swanson is in frequent contact with law enforcement officers and prosecutors. This allows him to explore ways to resolve your matter and, in many instances, help you avoid jail time and other penalties associated with a criminal conviction. In some cases, Attorney Swanson may be able to resolve your case by diverting it out of the legal system altogether before charges are even filed.

If you have been charged with a crime or are the target of a criminal investigation, you should contact Resolute Trials immediately.

What We Do

Mr. Swanson primarily handles non-violent charges and allegations, including white-collar criminal defense, fraud, regulatory matters, grand jury investigations, DUIs, drug possession, and juvenile offenses. His practice includes crimes charged and investigated at the federal, state, and local levels. Mr. Swanson does not handle crimes involving violence against women or children.

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