Trial Services

Resolute Trials teams with smaller law firms and solo practitioners who need a seasoned trial lawyer to take their case across the finish line, stepping in when it becomes apparent that a case is headed for trial.

With over 20 years experience trying cases in Los Angeles, Riverside, and San Bernardino counties, Attorney Ted Swanson has first-chaired over 120 trials. Possessing a background in both criminal and civil law, Mr. Swanson knows how to evaluate a case, how to prepare for trial, and — most importantly — how to persuade a jury. His confidence, diligence and steadiness benefit his clients when the stakes are high and they need a skilled and experienced litigator to represent them in court.

The Resolute Trials Difference

Trial work is a true specialty, equal parts science and art. The best trial lawyers know how to cut through volumes of pleadings, exhibits, and transcripts to create a compelling story that will resonate with a jury. An excellent trial lawyer can explain a complex and nuanced point of law to the judge while still conveying the essence of the case to the jury in terms they can understand.

When you work with Resolute Trials, you will receive:

  • Personalized attention
  • Unparalleled trial experience and expertise
  • Clear and concise communication about the status of your case
  • Knowledge of local judges
  • Keen analysis with an eye toward presenting your case at trial

Pursuing Justice One Trial at a Time

Insurance companies and defense firms know which lawyers try cases, and they communicate amongst themselves in the same way plaintiffs’ attorneys do, often evaluating a lawyer based on that attorney’s case preparation and experience. When they see a veteran trial attorney preparing for trial, they change their strategy to account for the possibility of a large verdict. Sometimes this means settlements far exceeding a prior offer; other times it represents a call to arms, the first step in the coming battle.

Depending on where you are in the litigation process, Mr. Swanson can depose key witnesses in anticipation of trial, prepare trial documents and Motions in Limine, and work with you as a team to plan a smart, cohesive, and effective trial strategy. He can also provide consultation services in the event you already have lead trial counsel, such as Voir Dire evaluations, acting as opposing counsel in mock trials, or a fresh face to evaluate the merits of a case.

Attorney Swanson believes that in order to provide quality representation, he must have a personal stake in every case he takes on. Therefore, Mr. Swanson is selective and only accepts a handful of cases at a time, meaning that his attention to detail is second to none and that he cares about your case and your client as much as you do.

When you need a seasoned trial lawyer with unparalleled courtroom experience, Resolute Trials should be your first call.