Why hire an experienced trial attorney?

An experienced trial lawyer is well-versed in trial tactics and procedures and is equipped to handle evidentiary issues and objections, question witnesses, and make compelling arguments to the judge and jury. In addition, attorneys with trial experience are feared by insurance companies, and claims adjusters are more likely to offer full and fair compensation when they know an experienced trial lawyer is on board.

What makes a good trial attorney?

Trials can be extremely nuanced, and involve a complex interplay between the judge, jury, lawyers, litigants, and witnesses. Then, you must add the hard evidence and determine the tenor of the trial, which may be based on the composition of the jury, the political climate, and even the current events at the time. While a critical understanding of the legal elements and facts of a case is crucial, a skilled and well-prepared trial attorney must first obtain the trust of the judge and jury and will then pick up on what is left unsaid in order to persuasively tell his client’s story.

From the very first moment he steps into the courtroom, an effective trial attorney comes prepared to shape his client’s narrative. By the time a jury is seated, the foundation and theories of one’s case should be laid. By the time the first witness is called, the jury should understand and be willing to accept the client’s version of the case. At every step, a skilled trial attorney knows how to layer his case with further evidence, creates doubt in the opposing party’s theories through succinct cross-examination, and strives to build then keep the momentum. By the time the matter is argued, the jury should be emotionally invested in the case, and a powerful attorney is ready to present a passionate and effective summation that will provide the jury with the tools it needs to return a righteous and deserved verdict.

What services does Resolute Trials provide?

Attorney Swanson is prepared to take over a case at any stage with very little notice. He can use previously retained expert witnesses and resources or bring his own. When you suspect you may be going to trial, affiliating with him at an earlier stage will allow him to handle the depositions of key witnesses in order to shape the case into a trial-ready posture.

Attorney Swanson can draft trial documents, briefs and motions in limine, and handle any last-minute details to prepare a case for trial. Mr. Swanson can also serve as opposing counsel for mock juries and provides strategy and voir dire consulting services to assist other lawyers as they prepare their cases for trial.

Who will be lead counsel?

Lead counsel generally has final authority regarding trial strategy to ensure a cohesive and unified theory of the case.

Mr. Swanson can associate in as lead counsel or as second chair. If he is brought in to serve as lead counsel, he will work with a representative from your firm as second chair to ensure he is completely familiar with all the issues in the case.

What kinds of trials do you handle?

Resolute Trials handles criminal and civil matters tried to the jury or bench, as well as arbitrations.