What happens after I speak with you?

Once you decide to hire Resolute Trials, Mr. Swanson will remain in regular contact with you to advise you of the status and any updates on your case. You should feel comfortable contacting Resolute Trials anytime with questions or concerns.

Some cases are resolved quickly and do not go to trial, especially when it is clear who is at fault. Others take longer to settle as insurance companies do not want to pay large amounts of money and will fight to avoid paying the claim. Often, litigation is the only option. A lawsuit begins with the filing of a Complaint. Then, the lawyers move to the discovery phase, where they exchange information about their respective cases. Discovery can include written questions and requests for production of documents and other evidence, and typically involves motion practice (arguments to a judge that may settle disputes or portions of the case). If there is no settlement, the case will move to trial.

Regardless of the phase your case is in, Attorney Swanson will remain in regular contact with you. You will be provided with his cell phone number and are encouraged to contact him at any time.